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The Jill Stein campaign has raised the funds needed for filing and the work of the legal team. We thank all those who donated to make the recounts a reality. And the recount and legal fees are only the beginning of what's needed.

A recount, to be of positive value, must be done right. It requires careful monitoring by recount veterans with knowledge and experience of the tricks that can subvert the process and keep flaws and fraud in the election process covered up.

Election integrity advocates who are a part of RecountNow have the expertise needed in the role of credentialed monitors and reporters of the proceedings in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada. We have sharp eyes, a great store of knowledge, and the moxie to ask the questions that need to be asked at every step.
It is vital that we complement the efforts of the Jill Stein and “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente recount campaigns by dispatching experts to these states to monitor, challenge, and report on all that happens with the ballots and numbers. A subverted recount is as damaging to the cause of electoral integrity as a subverted election, perhaps more so. is raising the funds to provide the expert support needed to ensure that this very challenging recount process has a fair outcome.  Please give as generously as you are able to support this vital work.

Why CHOOSE and TRUST RecountNow?

We are Election Integrity Investigators and activists who have focused on 'anomalies' in elections for over a decade. We are made up of professionals: lawyers, university professors, statisticians, IT specialists, a former NSA professional, scientists, teachers, book authors, grandmothers, filmmakers and more.

Members of our Steering Committee have been successful in court challenges, and are experienced with audit procedures. We have learned many methods that have been used to manipulate the vote, and have unique expertise in uncovering evidence of election manipulation.

Our most urgent need is funds to help us dispatch our election integrity experts to the locations where recounts are happening. Our first funding goal of $60,000 will be used primarily for that purpose. We anticipate future goals for other projects we're undertaking in support of the recounts.

We have arranged for donations to be made through our partner organization, AUDIT-AZ. Donations made here will be processed through AUDIT-AZ and used to support the recount efforts around the country. As of December 4, the average donation size is $53.52.

Please address donation and fundraising inquiries to our Development Director, Warren Linney via our contact page.

Help make sure the recount is a REALcount!


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$13,332.23 raised
GOAL: $60,000.00